We are currently in the middle of winter. As a result, we are much more susceptible to catching a cold. Rest and a good night’s sleep are often recommended in case of a cold. However, having a blocked nose, fever and cough does not make it any easier. Here are some tips to help you sleep well when you have a cold and avoid drowsiness.

Sleep through food.

Our diet impacts not only our health, but also our sleep cycle. It is advisable to take into account the composition of the meal and the time at which it is taken. It is also important to avoid eating too light, in order to prevent the risk of waking up at night due to hunger. Conversely, it is also not advisable to eat too heavy a meal, because digestion will be long and it will be much more difficult to fall asleep.

When you are ill, you often don’t have much of an appetite, but it is necessary to regain your strength and allow your body to regenerate itself by opting for a healthy diet. Nevertheless, some eating habits should be avoided at night. For example, it is best to reserve protein-rich foods such as eggs or meat for lunch. These take a little longer to digest. Alcohol is normally not recommended for a good night’s sleep, and even more so when you have a cold, because it dehydrates a lot. Favouring foods concentrated in omega 3 such as fish has the particularity of improving sleep and reducing the time it takes to fall asleep.

In the context of diet, it is also possible to drink an infusion an hour before going to bed: this helps to promote falling asleep. To double its effectiveness, do not hesitate to opt for an infusion with honey or camomile for their soothing virtues, especially in case of a cold.


Sleep through the environment

Optimizing your environment is also a good way to promote sleep. Comfort must be optimal when sleeping, and even more so when you are ill. Opting for a natural latex pillow is a good way to maximize comfort in bed.

Natural latex pillows are both anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic. They promote sleep by gently holding your cervical vertebrae in the right position. It is also recommended to use these pillows to keep your head up: a good tip for those who would like to sleep well when you have a cold. Another tip to help you sleep better when you have a cold is to inhale steam. This opens up the nasal passages and has a major impact on the sleep process.

Still in the context of the environment, it is important to know that brightness is also an important criterion for sleeping well, especially when you have a cold. Indeed, sleeping in total darkness is not suitable for everyone, as it can be distressing for the patient if he or she wakes up in the middle of the night. Conversely, too much light could cause headaches and visual disturbances. It is important to find the right balance: the use of a night light is a solution.

Sleeping with a cold is not always easy. In order to preserve the good sleep cycle, it is necessary to follow good habits. The two most important points are probably food and the environment. It is true that rest and a good night’s sleep are important in order to recover quickly from a cold or illness, so don’t skimp on the means.

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