Digestion really disrupts the little naps and sums. If you have been a victim of this, it would be important to make sure that you choose the contents of your evening plate carefully. Reasonable quantity meats are recommended because they contain melatonin, a hormone that guarantees a better rest.

What effect does digestion have on sleep?

Quality sleep relies heavily on many internal and external factors. To sleep better, it is imperative to feel a minimum of comfort. Most Europeans are currently investing in organic pillows specially designed to ensure consumer well-being. Also, the night will be most restorative if there is no noise that disturbs. We tend to consider only these external factors. However, the most unsuspected cause remains digestion. Our eating habit leads to a laborious digestion and rest, which disrupts sleep. The more sophisticated the food in the dinner, the longer it takes for the intestine to digest everything.

What are the causes of these disturbances?

Eating too late can be harmful to the intestines. Even if you sleep on a 100% natural latex pillow, but go to bed right after dinner, you will have a disturbed night. Digestion involves several hormones and chemicals to digest everything. Among these molecules, cortisol is the one that causes stress and subsequently induces a feeling of discomfort. You may have the same problem if you eat too much before going to bed. In this particular case, the phenomenon known as acid reflux is the main cause. Indeed, the meal puts too much pressure on the liver due to the release of digestive enzymes. Eating too little can be just as bad for a good nap. You may feel hungry or have stomach rumbling. To sleep better, it would be ideal to eat a reasoned quantity of food, especially natural foods.

How can I avoid nighttime indigestion?

To sleep well, one must first of all be in comfort. You can find 100% natural latex pillows by visiting https://ets-escot.fr/en/10-natural-latex-pillows. Organic products should be favoured to ensure iron health. Eating a balanced meal makes digestion easier and therefore a good night’s restorative sleep. It is advisable to consume foods rich in omega 3, including fatty fish. Protein-rich foods are also recommended because they contain amino acids such as tyrosine or tryptophan. These affect mood as well as the secretion of biological hormones. To sleep well, you should also avoid drinking water before going to bed. Eating spicy foods and stimulants before sleeping is strongly discouraged. You may not be able to close your eyes until the morning because of the effect of these products on the nervous system.

How do you relieve the bowel before sleep?

To protect your intestines before you sleep, it would be ideal to eat natural foods. Meals that should not be eaten are those that contain more B vitamins, namely cereals, dairy products and oilseeds. You should also favour zinc-rich menus such as fish and seafood. Although meat is difficult to digest, its consumption is nevertheless recommended to ensure the production of melatonin, a soothing hormone that helps you sleep better. If it turns out that you already suffer from insomnia because of your intestines, we advise you to take a medication to relieve the stomach. You may also choose to consult a nutritionist to help you balance your evening meal. Indeed, it is essential to take care to make the right choice of ingredients as well as their respective proportions.

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